Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bodybuilding 3 universal rules

Bodybuilding is one of those fields were you can find tons of opinions and experts whether online or on paper. This becomes really overwhelming especially because it's not uncommon to find a good tip and then the opposite from two different but both relevant sources... Hard to know where to start from...

I am not even talking about all the junk articles and bad advertising out there...

I came up with a really simple list of 3 rules that apply to the core of bodybuilding and should never be forgotten, keep those in your mind every time you think of your routine or want to try something new:
  1. To gain weigth one needs to digest less calories than his maintenance weigth, to lose weigth one needs to digest more calories than his maintenance weigth
  2. Weigth gain or loss do not equal muscle gain or fat loss, it's always a mix of water, muscle and fat
  3. Results come from intensity and intensity alone
I'll come back to explain those 3 rules in following blog posts.
What do you think?


guess said...

It doesn't appear you are updating this blog, but for those that happen to drop by, you have a typo that is pretty significant to those that don't know any better.

To lose weight, one must consume LESS calories than the maintenance amount.

To gain weight, one must consume MORE calories than the maintenance amount.

In Want of Being Me said...

I just landed here from the bodybuilding forum, and noticed that glaring typo too! Glad you noticed and updated 'guess' :)